Monday, February 14, 2005


It's been sort of a slow day so far. Got up at 10:30am, went to town with Mrs. Godin, and then ate lunch, and now I'm here, downloading Yahoo Messenger. I have AIM, but someone I know ONLY has Yahoo, and I figured it couldn't hurt to have both.

Oh yeah, and today is Valentines Day. I am appalled by the displays in stores. Valentines Day seems to have nothing to do with real love. It's their loss.

Since I'm downloading that program, I'm going to be sitting here until it's done. What I'd do for my wireless DSL connection back home :p

I am going to practice today. My teacher sent an email in reply to the one I sent to him yesterday and it was very encouraging. Also he said he's going to be looking for a piccolo trumpet for me (since I asked!). For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically a soprano trumpet. Smaller than a regular trumpet, and much higher. Very fun toy!!!!!! I imagine it will cost enough to make it seem more like a tool than a toy. Someone quoted $1500-$2500, and possibly as little as $700 for a short bell model. I'll be happy with whatever I get :D

I came down with a cold the other day. I have been having a dry throat for about a month, when I wake up it can really hurt. Ben is watching me. lol. He's one of the Godins. We're both laughing. He's reading it outloud as I type. He is almost 12.

Ok, so like I was saying, I have a cold. I should type some big words and see if Ben can pronounce them! Antidistablishmentarianism. Ben says "Huh?". Lol.

It's warm outside, about - (Ben says "Not that warm") - 65 or so. A lot warmer than home. Boy, that download is taking a long time. 85 percent done. No comments lately. I wonder if Bob is ok :D

We worked on getting a little four wheeler fixed yesterday, Ben says it doesn't go fast enough. It reminds me of those little battery powered things for little kids. It's cute though. lol.

I'm going to try to get some pictures resized for posting here. I'm sorry about the big wide pictures, they really are a pain to load.

Ta ta for now!

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