Thursday, March 17, 2005

I am so blessed!

I had an unusually depressing week. Not really depressing, just stressed out and down.

Today I am feeling so much better! Praise God.

My teacher came today (for the first time in about a year!) and left me with his piccolo trumpet, on loan. I am so very indebted to him. He also left me a stack of great music. I just need to find MP3s of it online so I know how they go. I'm really bad at sight reading :p

I'm very busy with this project I mentioned earlier. I just can't say anything about it yet!!! How I wish I could. I'm having so many ups and downs with it, it's got my mind messed up. I haven't baked anything in 3 days. I think that's a problem. I MUST COOK SOMETHING SWEET! I have to make an agreement with myself. I will make time to cook something soon. Maybe I should make soup instead of sweets...my sister got a cookie cook book from the library and made 4 different kinds this afternoon. Guess I'm cookied out. Oh, I forgot. I made some cookies this afternoon, but I had to rush to work, and then they were gone when I came home. Bah. Like I said...my brain is going.

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