Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Oh boy!

I'm watching an old family video. Izzy Lyman, a friend of mine (http://www.icky.blogspot.com) came to our town to speak on homeschooling and my family and I did the music, at the request of our friend Victor Miller.

This is about 3 years ago, I can't believe how different we all are now! lol. Add about 20 lbs and rewind time 3 years and you get what I was then. Well maybe not quite 20 lbs. Anyway, it's very interesting to watch, and to hear the lack of musical ability :P The worst thing is that it still plays occasionally on the local cable station. My dad and I stopped at a yardsale in a town around here and the people there said they had seen us before; on TV! Scary.

I have told a friend that I would write something on Romans 9 and put it up here, but I still haven't had the time for it.

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