Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well we made it safely home. We left for the studio this morning in the snow, and it snowed, and snowe. Round trip we saw 6 car accidents. The snow looked spectacular, but it's rather dangerous to be on the road when it's like it is.

In between recording tracks, my little brothers made three snowballs nearly as big as themselves with the sons of the guy who owns the studio. Fun stuff to play with. I would love to built a fort. (ha, I'm 17?). A few winters ago we had a huge pile of snow at the top of the hill which is our sideyard. We dug out the middle of the pile and made a tubing hill which curved at the bottom to dump us into the back of our neighbor's property. We ended up lighting the whole thing up and putting up lights down the length of it. It was a blast. Until it colapsed when everything started melting. I searched all the pictures on this computer and I couldn't find the one we had of that thing. Bah.

And I would have a picture of the trip home, the trees covered with snow, but my sister has the camera with her at work to take a picture of something.

I have a goal which I will reach (or not!) on the 28th. Until then my time online will be (more) limited, as well as the time I've planned to spend on various projects. I can't tell you what the goal is until the 28th, but I will certainly tell you then, or a few days afterwards. It may take a little while to see how my goal has done. I can't wait. It is almost a nerve wracking thing. Pray for me!

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