Saturday, April 16, 2005

Almost a year ago I was looking for a Blueridge 160, which is a guitar. I ran into someone at a bluegrass forum who said he might have one to sell. We talked a bit and then he ended up deciding not to sell it. So I said alright, I'll look elsewhere, thanks anyway. A week or two later I found a good deal on one on ebay. The only downside was that the auction had already ended. Guess who had won it? The guy from the bluegrass forum. Keep with me, it gets better. I gave up on finding a guitar and decided to wait a while. At least 6 months pass. Last week I went looking for another Blueridge model, the BR140. I found great looking auction. My dad bid on it a little while before the auction ended and I went to bed. We checked the email in the morning and found we had been outbid. Then I said "Wouldn't it be hillarious if it was that same guy who outbid me?". Yeah...guess who won the auction :P Yep. Someday I will find a guitar that this guy is not bidding on :)

While I was at work, I had this crazy idea. Instead of just posting pictuers randomly, I would make several different titles - such as "Are they...ALIVE??" and "Growing up green" - and whoever commmented first would pick which photo for me to post.

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