Friday, April 08, 2005

Another desperate situation: Granddaughter Yanks Grandma's Feeding Tube.

This is really terrible.

The top of my quilt is just about done. With Mrs. Wiebe's quilting tip, it has gone faster than I ever imagined. I looked for an online description of it, but I guess I'll try to explain it. I made a nine square quilt, meaning it's made out of blocks each having 9 squares, 3x3. I cut strips out of the blot of cloth all the way across, 3 1/2" wide. Then I cut it sideways into 3 1/2" pieces. So now I have 3x1 pieces, sewn together. Then you take alternating 3x1 strips, and sew them together so you now have a square that is 3x3, or about 9 inches wide. So far I have 5x8 finished squares, which is about the width of the top of a twin bed and one more row at the bottom will make it the length I want it.

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