Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I think I ought to do a picture post once a week. Maybe on Mondays or something.

This is a very recent writing of mine, within the past 12 hours (no, it is not a stale journal entry of long ago).

Patience. What a concept. According to the Bible, patience is one of the qualities of love. It is also referred to as one of the Fruits of the Spirit. How difficult to be patient! Often, one is alone with God in being patient. It’s you and God, you just trying to hang on and be quiet. There is no one else to be patient for you. Sometimes things we wait for we must be silent about, silent to friends and family. How things burn inside of us!
It's very hard when we know what we wait for is entirely a good thing, simply not granted to us at this moment, and even harder when we see all of those around us being granted the very same thing. We yearn for it, we pray, we ask, yet we have to wait, quietly, with reverence towards God. Patience is easy enough when it is only required for a short time. But sometimes God requires us to wait a lifetime for what ask. A cure from an physical affliction. Freedom from the bonds of wretched humanity. Yet in perspective, God has already fulfilled the greatest hope we could ever have; the hope of salvation. We can be freed from sin through Jesus Christ, our savior! If a child of God, we no longer fear death. Yet our troubles seem so big, so overwhelming. We cry because we haven’t this or that, yet God is the maker of all, King of Kings, Ruler of the Universe. And we complain! How small we are. Who are we to complain? Does the pot complain to the Potter? God is so great.

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