Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ok I have to admit it. I like some arachnids. In fact, not only do I like them, but they fascinate me. I can’t stand to have one crawling on me, uninvited, but out in the wild (and in my flower garden) they are amazing things.
I say some arachnids, because this family also includes mites.

Last summer there were two large garden spiders that I was watching. One was by our side door and the other on my cornflowers in the side yard. I tried to feed one a housefly, but the housefly was too big for the web to hold. I fed it ants after that; it was AMAZING to watch it eat them. I think some of my photography endeavors this year will include pictures of these creatures. When I took the motorcycle safety course at the airport I found two very brightly colored garden spiders. Wish I had taken a camera with me.

Speaking of pictures, I am getting sick of my own pictures. Lol. I have seen them all one too many times.

I get the most hits when I post controversial things. I wonder… Ok. I think Glenn Beck is the best talk show host. Oh wait…that’s not disputed at all! Actually, some things he does annoys me. He’s a little irreverent of things he ought to be more reverent of. And he ought to do more More on Trivia.

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