Saturday, April 02, 2005

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Riding a unicycle is much like riding a bike. My brother can play both banjo and trombone on this 'giraffe'. It is a 5 footer. One of my other brothers also rides one of these, and occasionally I ride a few feet on one, I've probably ridden 50 feet collectively. My own unicycle, on which I've put dozen of miles, is broken! Got to get my brother to weld the pedal back on, or regrove the threads (the threads on the unicycle itself are stripped).

I went on the first run in months yesterday. I ran from December to September last year, but when we went on that trip west, it just got too hard to do it. I did my last run in Colorado :) So back to the present...my legs are sore. I only went about 2 miles total, and probably less than half of that was actual running. I'm a wimp :p

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