Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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This was a VERY cold beach in northern FL. We just walked around in our winter jackets. The sky is gorgeous though.

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Doesn't my little sister look natural in the studio?! That was a few weeks ago. When we record a song, we all sing it together, making sure the tempo is accurate. Then we each go in the studio one at a time and sing to the track we originally recorded. If we make mistakes, we can go back and retake, or we can just record one phrase/word over again. Then once we have different tracks of all of us, the studio guy tweaks it and mixes it down.

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This came out rather dark. My apologies. It is of my two brothers next to their sap burning pot/cauldron/thing. They made a few gallons of syrup this year. Burning takes constant supervision, and they took shifts to eat lunch on days that they were burning. Very yummy!

Ok......so I'm pulling out random pictures. I'm looking through my computer and realizing I don't have as many interesting ones as I thought I did. So I'm gonna have to take some more pictures :)

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