Thursday, April 14, 2005

Time for a new post :)

The discussion below has pretty much ended (Although I'm open to new comments).

Don't assume someone has 'lost' a debate because they 'backed down'.

And thanks to all who left comments, they were thought provoking.

Ok...new subject. What to talk about? I might be taking a week off being online soon. I just feel it coming on. We have been doing minor renovations (involving my room) so I have a mess to live in. Which needs to be fixed of course. And then band rehearsals come up in June, so I have to make up for lost practice.

When I go online, I generally have a routine that includes checking email, checking my blog, blogging, checking other blogs. It also has included a visit to a trumpet forum. Unfortunately, the forum seems to be going downhill. Not only are there more 'fluff' discussions, but some of the content is rather vulgar. It's disappointing because I used to spend a lot of time there, and I learned a lot. I guess the visits will just be fewer now. Which means more time to blog :)

I'm trying to get more pictures uploaded. Of course, I know it's not interesting to hear me talking about what I'm going to do. But yes, I'm trying :) Soon.....and it will include some pictures of my interior designing (uh HUH, some interior dec. I am :P ), and of my 'dead' trumpet collction. I won't ellaborate on the dead trumpets, you'll see em when you see em. Some of them are only half dead.

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