Saturday, May 07, 2005

Its me!!!

No, that is correctly communicated "It is I."

I'm becoming more and more aware of my painfuly accute punctual, gramatical, and spelling errors. Like I said - oh wait, that's wrong. It's "as I said". Well nevermind then. How many mispellings/punctual errors have you counted so far?

If you see more than 5, then that's a bad thing. I have only purposely put in 4! Unless you counted my use of '5' and '4', instead of 'five' and 'four'. In that case there would be 6 so far. Whoops...make that seven.

Most annoying is the overuse of the 'stretched out elipsis' (anyone know what it's called?). I mean....I don't think.....at ALL!....that my writing should look like, like this........very annoying. And can you B leev...I actually went 2 a blog and it looked just like this!!!..It went on paragraph after paragraph...looong sentences without any capitals......2B this bad would be like bad.

Like, that is totally bad, dude! Just, like, totally.

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