Monday, May 09, 2005

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Palm trees grow big!

And some bits froma post I made at a forum this morning.

Equal wrongs for women in America. If men get in trouble for women bashing, then most certainly women should get in trouble for bashing men. I don't like men bashing women "only in jest", and neither do I like seeing women bashing men.

This is not very nice. [Degoratory comments had been made directed towards all the men there, and bascially towards all men.] How would you feel if the women here were treated that way?

Men are put down WAY too much, mostly to blame is the radical feminist movement of the past decades and people who say have been mislead and say things like the things that have been said in this thread. Men and women are equal to a degree, but we are NOT THE SAME! Please do not misinterpret your differences the wrong way. Isn't this the mantra of today's society? Something like "Don't look don't on others because they are different"? Men may have different roles than us, but that certainly does not make any case for us bashing them.


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