Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This morning as I left for my 6:00am run, I met a racoon. Out in the soggy weather, I watched him come down the stairs of a building and then run across the street. My first instinct was to try and see if he was rabid, our neighborhood seems to have had a lot of rabid animals/rabies scares. I watched him climb up the neighbor's fence (which he did with surprising skill!) and start in my direction. I hissed and jumped at him (he was about 25 feet away). He looked up and paused. He continued to stare at me, and then when I moved he backed up and started climbing down.
"No, no wait! I want to get my camera!" I said. He kept going, and then I noticed a cat walking in his direction. I wondered if they were going to fight. I sighed, and said again outloud that I wished I had my camera, and then the cat had seen me. He stopped, they both stared at me, and then the cat slowly kept walking and the racoon ran right by the cat and ran back up the stairs he had come down. And then I started my run :)

Speaking of which, I made it a mile without stopping, which usually doesn't happen until I've been walking for a few weeks. I really don't like to stop and walk because (1) it takes longer to get a session in and (2) I don't like to be seen walking, when everyone knows I am trying to run. This is probably untrue, as practically no one knows I'm supposed to be running, but I dislike it for that reason all the same. It took me all of 9 minutes to make it! Then I walked most of the way back. At the end I decided I just didn't want to be out any longer than I had to on this cold, drippy morning, so I ran.

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