Saturday, May 28, 2005

We have put in another overnight at the studio. Last night then engineer's sons (all younger than me) and all of my brothers (and my little sister!) were out in the dark, playing in the woods. I noticed they were all missing and went outside. They had split into two teams that were just chasing each other in the dark. I ran past the bus (where one team had captured one of my team members, they apparently split into the same two groups they had the last time I played with them) and ran into the night, down the dirt road. Immediately after they got their prey into the bus (as jail) they ran after me. Five young boys (and a little girl), chasing me with all their might. The road was so dark, I could hardly see where I was headed. They had an LED flashlight trained on me, and all I could hear was pounding footsteps and heaving breaths. I really tried, I dodged into the woods on the left side. Practically immediately I ran into prickers, and my hair was getting stuck on them. I gave up and turned around. They were all making these noises, breathing really heavily, and saying how the best way to capture me would be. Let's just say I have a vivid imagination. I was in the middle of the jungle getting captured by soldiers with guns. So they all grab onto me (breaking the hairstick I was clutching in my hand) and drag me out into the road. One of them had locked his hands around my waist from the back of me and just would not let go! There must have been two on each arm, and my hair kept getting pulled (accidentally, I suppose. They're really too nice to do anything too harmful intentionally). I realized I would only escape if I got a flashlight. So I grabbed it out of the hands of the kid that was holding it and twisted around real fast. It worked, and I set on down the road. All I could see in the dark was the slight reflection of the moon (maybe streetlights? I didn't take time to think about it!). I soon discovered they had more flashlights! Many more, in fact. Now all I could see was my shadow in the road. I ditched to the left once again, and fell into a swamp!!! I sort of gave up then, my pants were partially soaked and whatever I fell into smelled very disgusting. So I was led back to the bus, and one of my teammates tried to rescue me. Story goes that all the little kids grabbed ONE of his fingers and pulled it out of joint. Ouch. Needless to say, we were both captured and put away. Then my mom came out, and we sort of broke it up.

Then later I went out with my two oldest brothers and one of the engineer's sons and we went out on their paddle boat. It was sort of water logged and while they were turning around really fast I fell back right into the place where your feet go - which was filled with swamp water. lol.

No, I don't spend all of my time at the studio this way!!! We just spend hours mixing down our stuff (listening, balancing it out, adding effects, etc.) and I am sooo tired.

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