Monday, May 23, 2005

Yesterday I successfully reformatted my laptop! Now, have I backed up all of the necessary files? I hope so! We'll see as time goes on.

This morning I ran 2 miles. Rather, I ran/walked. It took me 25 minutes. *gulp*
And when I came back I felt sick as a dog. Going out I felt great, and I guess that made me run further without stopping than I should have.

We just gave my dad a new computer for his birthday :D He totally did not expect it. Last night when we came home with it in the backseat we were backing in when we saw my dad walking down he driveway. My mom threw it in drive and drove off. My brother, who was walking with my dad says he said "Who is driving! Certainly isn't mom." He thought it was me driving. LOL!

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