Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I was really depressed today over the state of my messy, cluttered room. Actually, it's just the straw on my proverbial camel. I had to work 6 hours today. I missed several endings last night that left the band in, as the band director of the 2004 District Band likes to put it, 'a saran wrap moment'. It was painfully obvious, as the trumpet section was supposed to come in and play by themselves and WE DIDN'T! Got the last note in though. When I practiced guitar, everything seemed to fall apart. So I quit. I came downstairs in desperate need of mental help and my sister suggested I unicycle to get my mind off everything. Yeah! That's exactly what I needed. So I went to get the unicycle. It wasn't there. Oh Brother (literally, in this case), where hast thou put it? Alas, the Brother is gone to the park, on hist own unicycle. Search some more. All over. Now I'm really pulling my hair out. I paced the floor a few times, trying to gain my sanity, when I just decided to forget about it. So I returned to my room and cried and screamed. No, I actually moved some clothes from their resting place, set my laptop down, plugged it into my stereo and cranked up the hottest bluegrass music in the business. Closer to the hottest bluegrass music on my laptop. And it cheered me somewhat. My room got cleaned a bit and then I was summoned to show pictures to friends of my parents who have stopped by. And I'm stealing a moment on the family desktop, basking in the glow of a dialup internet connection and a top secret program called trillian that enables me to contact top secret friends. Uh huh. Yep!

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