Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Last night we went to band rehearsal. I did terribly. But there's always next week to make up for it. It's our first concert - I'm going to be getting more practice in!

This morning I woke up to the sound of water running. No big deal, I thought. Probably just the water running in the toilet because the handle sticks. So I figure I'll check it out when I finish stretching and before I do my twice a week workout. On my way downstairs to get water, I realize it's not coming from the bathroom. I wonder if something is still connected to the bus and I can picture it pouring from the bin, making a big puddle. I look out the window and don't see any water. I walk down the hill in my PJs (read: shorts and tee shirt) and flip flops and lo and behold, there is a loud spraying noise inside the basement door. I vaguely remember the leak that had been there earlier and open the door. WHOOOOOOOSH. All I can liken this to is a movie I saw once with submarines in it. The water was spraying from two pencil eraser size leaks, and our water pressure is pretty high. It was shooting to the ceiling from the floor. I ran over the two leaks, getting pretty soaked in the process, and turned off the water. When I got back in the front room there it almost sounded like it was raining. Water was dripping off the ceiling. I found a very large puddle in the corner and many many soaked items. My dad isn't up yet, so I don't know what we're going to do about it. We may have to take a lot of things out of ther so they can dry :(

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