Sunday, June 12, 2005

Today we did a concert that was supposed to be outside, but due to rain and other factors was moved indoor. It was very hot and humid outside, the interior of the church was slightly cooler due to the two small AC units installed last night. I am so tired! As the concert ended and the pastor prayed, it started pouring outside making it a bit cooler. It's 73 outside now, but it's warm inside the house because we don't have any AC.

The concert went well overall though. I arranged a guitar piece to play and went through it 1,960 times to be ready for today. It turned out ok!

I've got an Mackie Onyx on my desk awaiting a cable that goes from 4 to 6 pin Firewire. Once I have that I should be able to do recording a little better on my laptop; after that I will attempt some recording, and maybe some midi sequencing (this is wild!).

For some reason everyone back at our old church (where we did the concert) is waiting to see if/who I marry. If I can wait, they can wait :p And if they're reading this, no offense. I just am amazed it's a (seemingly) big deal to them. Besides, I am just 17.

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