Sunday, July 24, 2005

Howdy folks. I was thinking about the below post and thinking perhaps it might have be more aptly titled "A Christian Wife." I just don't know that a woman in general has to have all of those qualities, or if she should even be expected to.

I was dubbed Vinegar Legs by my brother earlier this evening. Stupid, stupid, dumb Bonnie sat too long on the beach, and was trying to aleviate her pain (read about applying apple cider vinegar online). Very hurty. But I shouldn't complain, because it was my fault. Most likely it will leave me with a nice looking tan on my arms, where the burn isn't so bad, and peeling about 3/4 the way up my legs. :( In the bad lighting in here I can't see it so well. Well, fortunately for you all, the vinegar smell doesn't transmit. You should be very thankful for that.

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