Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Someone I know posted a little description of what he though "a real man" is. Great idea :D So I borrowed it (the idea) from this guy.

Ok, so I was a little sarcastic when I posted this earlier. (this entry has been edited). My apologies.

A real man:

1. His greatest desire is live for Christ in obedience to God

2. He is full of love, patience, and kindness - the fruit of the Spirit

3. He loves his wife

4. He leads his family, being the head of his wife, and training his children to be Godly. (In the case that he is single, he seeks God’s will and not his own desires.)

5. He works hard and diligently - whether it be an office job, manual labor, or some entrepreneurial business.

6. He is honest

7. He seeks wisdom and is humble

8. Honors his parents

It doesn’t make you more manly to smoke or drink, doesn’t make you more of a man to boss around your wife just because it makes you feel powerful, doesn’t make you more of a man to act tough all of time.

And a few last things which I think could qualify as part of this list, although they aren’t Biblical - as far as stating it in black and white.

9. Opens doors for women

10. Protects his sisters

11. Is kind to young children - his ‘macho’ side is evenly balanced with the side of him that will help his little brother use a tissue, with his friends around. Sounds gross, but I think men are sissies when they won’t help someone lower than them because they think it’s sissy.

12. Realizes that women and men both have their places and doesn’t demean women simply because they are different

13. Refrains from swearing in front of women - some girls have told me they don’t mind it because it makes them ‘feel like one of the boys’. I wonder how much less profanity we would hear if men simply stopped swearing in front of women. I’m not sure. It means something to me though.

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