Saturday, July 02, 2005

This year is not a very good year for my thumb - I'm having doubts which color to classify it.

I lost three plants over the weekend; while I was partying in NY, vandals (probably 8 yr olds) decided I would be better off with only the yucky yellowish orange zinnea plant, relieving me of three gorgeous pink or red zinnea.

Two days ago my brother was outside playing around and knocked over the pot containing the biggest marigold plant and it broke off.

The earwigs have decided that my zinnea leaves need holes in them, and the bean plants have decided to get very strange brown markings on them - dry spots several inches wide.

And the rain has pelted on my pour cosmos - teehee, badly spelled pun intended - exposing the roots and making them fall over.

Soo......now what am I doing? Picking them and putting them in my hair :D May as well pick them before drought kills them, or they get picked by a giant flower eating locust.

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