Sunday, August 28, 2005

Check out this for a picture of my brother on his way to climb a local mountain. Last night my hand fell asleep. Very strange happening this was. I woke up, and was moving my right hand (the dead one) around and the other hand happened to touch it. Ew. Something is moving in my bed that doesn't feel like it belongs to me. I immediately pulled my left hand away, repulsed by this cold hand that wiggled its fingers. I was half asleep so I reached out again for it. Same thing. Then I realized it was just me, and I tried to get the feeling back - no matter how much my brother says it's "fun" for your hand to fall asleep, I can't stop thinking of what happens to oxygen deprived flesh.

I know I have blogged this before, but the most recent entry in this blog is worth reading. These guys are amazing. I have never before met anyone who preaches on street corners (excepting my brother, who I've seen "preach" to a group of kids at a fair.

Other blogs/sites of note: Master's Key and Lindsday's Blog. I found quite a few of Lindsay's Links interesting as well.

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