Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is a hairstyle I came up with yesterday. It stayed up all day, and it's easy to do. Sorry, this won't interest ANY of the guys that read this, and even if you're a girl, you have to have at least enough hair for a figure 8 bun, so that narrows it down to probably .00003 percent of my reading population :) Ok, probably more than that.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Part your hair and make into two sections in the back. Put the left section in front of you; you'll deal with that piece later. Taking the right section in your hands, twist whichever way you usually would for a bun (I twist clockwise, generally) and make one loop, then continue twisting and put all of the next loops underneath the first one. Once you have used all of the hair to make loops, take the top loop and pick it up. Place it on your head to the left and insert hairstick so it goes into one loop and out the other. Do the same twisting pattern on the left piece of hair, only make the loop cross the first figure 8. BTW, I posted this at a hairsite, and they suggested I name it the Butterfly Bun. So Butterfly Bun it is!

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