Monday, August 08, 2005

What do freshly picked blueberries, a flour, sugar, BP, eggs, butter, etc., etc., taste like put all together? Ahhhhhhhh. Blueberry Buckle. I went to work without eating any lunch (and without finishing the cake, had to ask my mom to put it in the oven); it was delightful to come home to. So..now it's back to life.

We had a GREAT time in Maine. I formerly had thought Maine was pretty crummy - no offense. Last time we were there it rained, rained, fogged, trafficked (is that the correct term for having a hard time on the highway?), cooled, and rained. Ok, well it wasn't nonstop like that, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. So this time we stayed with a family my mom knew, and it was sooo fun. They actually let me drive a 4 wheeler. (Pictures soon! Hopefully.) We swam in Lake Sebago. We had a bbq with the Whites. We sang in the sunshine. We screamed back at the masses of screaming fans. Hehe...not really. It was a fun time though, and I'll be looking forward to our next trip up there. Special thanks to the Whites, the Del'Erbas, Nazarene Church (and pastor and family), and whoever else I've forgotten :)

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