Sunday, August 21, 2005

Yesterday we went singing in the morning (very interesting, I'll talk about it later on in the post) and then we drove to our next location, arriving several hours early and spending those hours distributing tracts. We passed out tracks we bought from Way of The Master.

We walked around for a good half hour or so, handing out tracts to people walking by (many of whom said NO!, without so much as a thank-you, which wasn't expected anyhow) and to the people running booths. Then we spotted some kids in the street on skateboards. My brother and I have found that it's a lot easier to get kids/youths to say yes to an IQ test-type tract than adults. I nudged my brother and asked if we ought to go over and perform some sleight-of-hand tricks. So we went over and he did his little disappearing scarf trick and within 5 minutes there were 15 kids. While they were clamoring to get closer and figure out how he did the trick, we started with a few simple questions. One guy claimed to be an athiest but he refused to look at any of the tracts we had. He did stick around for the next hour of so of discussion. A few adults stayed for a few minutes, the kids came and went, mostly leaving to get their friends. We had quite a group going. We just told them that anyone who has broken God's law stands to be condemned without forgiveness, and that only way to God is through forgiveness by the shed blood of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. We also talked a lot of creation vs. evolution. A lot of the kids made fun of what we were saying in small groups on the side, but many legitimate questions were asked and we tried to make the Gospel as clear as possible. A lot of them came up telling us they knew exactly what they believed, but when we started discussing things, they kept saying "I don't know! I've never thought about it." After asking how old I was, one girl asked how we know all of this stuff! And of course, there were plenty of hecklers while my brother was talking - one guy kept saying he had created the earth, and claimed to have seen his own brain, as well as mine and the brains of the crowd. One saddening thing was that one of the most arrogant in the crowd said that some "people" (he wasn't sure if they were Christians) in Wyoming told him that if he read some words on a page he would be saved; as he recalled his magic-words-ritual story, he raised his hands and said mockingly "so I am all right".

So...it was an interesting afternoon. Some people, although they remained fairly quiet, seemed to be listening intently. One guy said he wasn't born again yet - he was going to wait until the moment before he dies. As he left, I reminded him that he could die in a car crash tomorrow, and now is the day of salvation.

The concert was pretty interesting. We were situated about 50-60 feet from the audience - outdoors. The audience was eating, no less, at tables, more than half with their backs to us. Soo...a few minutes into the concert, a guy walks up to the 20 (empty) chairs that are set up directly in front of us. I think, boy, he looks kind of young to be interested in music like this. He walked up, picked up two chairs and walked back to where everyone was eating. The concert goes on...two elderly gentlemen walk up and I think they might possibly sit down. They grab four chairs and go back to where they came from. It was the strangest thing. It was a nursing home family bbq/picnic. I guess we were just background music. About halfway through the concert some people came over and sat down and the chairs filled up. Other than an elderly man almost rolling down the hill in his wheelchair, the concert was pretty normal :p Afterwards, we ate and watched a policedog demonstration. That was pretty neat! The dog sniffed out the planted narcotics in no time :)

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