Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Auuuuuugh. I must apologize! Where has Bonnie's brain gone? I was just reading through my archives that I have saved on my computer and I have gotten soooooo boring. Instead of blogging about things I feel inspired to blog about (with a few exceptions), I sit down to write something just because I need to. So in fact, folks, I have been MAKING up things! They aren't things I would normally write about, they are written because I have been FORCED to by blogger etiquette (and forgive my use of capitals.)

I read some of my old essays too. How uninspired I've been lately! Time for new information. Or maybe it's because I've been werkin' too 'ard ;)

My room needs a major overhaul. We were watching some dumb designer program on TV and I thought, man, that is so bad, I'm sure I could do better. So, I guess that's on the list of things to do when I get back. I have too many things. I feel really bad that I have too many things; there are some people who have nothing. I think it's becoming a problem because a lot of time goes towards keeping my things organized - too much. I need to pare down and just stick with things I really need. I noticed it very acutely on our last tour; if I can live without it for five weeks, do I really need it? Now most of what I have is very useable (isn't that what they ALL say!?). I have so many books. If I had less stuff, I could practice more. Nothing is more annoying than having to spend 20 minutes cleaning my room enough so I can sit at my desk to practice. I come from a family that isn't particularly organizationally inclined - although, I think if anyone else did all of the things we do, they'd probably have a hard time organizing it too. Seriously, we do everything from rebuilding engines, building additions (plumbing, electrical stuff, carpentry), roofing, making soda, playing music, landscaping, making baklava, building websites, converting coaches, and so many things I can't keep track. If I counted all of the things my dad knows how to do, I'd have a very long list. He can fix almost everything, and nearly always has the spare part for whatever needs fixing. We just have to be able to find it :) Which brings me back to my point, it's very hard to keep everything exceptionally organized, but at the same time, minimal organization is essential, due to the volume and variety of things we have. SO, I guess I take after my family. I remember a little anecdote my sis had taped on her door; it was about a teenager who rebelled against the family by keeping his room clean :)
I'm not sure, ahem, if that little reminder worked.

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