Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It is now time for formal thanks;

Thank you to everyone who has helped me out in the past with HTML. Besides getting help from Herr Lanning, I IMed multiple friends for help. Too many to remember who helped me with what, specifically. Also, a big thanks to Pastor Mitchell, and to the people from various places who have offered comments, corrections, and advice.

And now, the almost finished website. I say almost because there are some graphics issues with a few pages, a few thumbnails have the wrong frames, and I really would like to get a guestbook added.


By the way, if you like watching people lift extremely heavy things, definitely click on Pastor Mitchell's name. His site is all about the Florida Strongman Contest. We actually met him down in Fl. WOW. He told us all about his yard - it's got a 900lb tire in it that he flips over, along with various concrete pieces to lift. WOW. Go Pastor Mitchell!

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