Saturday, September 10, 2005

It's hard to believe we'll be on the road again in a week. It's amazing that time seems to go by that fast, yet seem so slow. What is time? How is it that we are so out of tune with what we are (in a sense) governed by that our perception of it changes. We can't tell the exact time just by feeling it, yet we've lived by it for all of our lives here on earth. How odd, to think about that. It's so simple, yet amazingly complex and mind boggling. How long is a minute? How long is a minute when you're watching TV? How long is it while you're getting a tooth pulled? How long is an hour when you're trying to put up with people that really annoy you? How long is an hour when you're with people you love most?

Looking back to the concerts we did last year on our fall tour, they seem like ages ago. Yet it doesn't feel like we've been home that long.

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