Monday, September 05, 2005

We went and played a concert with the Orange Community Band in the next town over. At about 7:00pm (the time we were supposed to start) I hear one of the section leaders saying "Oh, could the MacDonalds play at halftime?" I guess he was asking my brother, because a few minutes later we were supposed to be playing bluegrass at halftime. I was just hoping that the members of my family who were not playing in the band were getting our instruments ready and tuned. It turned out really well, considering we had about 2 minutes of prep time! Someone kept hollering for me to yodel again, so I did a song that Kerry Christiansen's daughter does; Teach Me How to Yodel. Wow. I am always surprised at how many people like yodeling. I guess it's something that's so rare that people like it whether they actually do or not (does that make sense?).

Afterwards, while we watched the fireworks, I felt the same way I did last time I watched fireworks (and I may have possibly blogged this already, but it's probably worth it again); I imagined (best I could) that those reports were real gunshots; the people on the field were enemies; I might not leave with my life. It just made me appreciate more what happened years ago to keep this country free, in fields not very far from this one.

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