Thursday, October 27, 2005

About 4 nights ago my ear felt a little funny; overnight the funny feeling developed into an ear infection. It has progressed these past few days and now I am just about deaf in my left ear, it is completely filled with fluid. It's very annoying, and pain is present on and off. Last night we did a concert in Birmingham, AL - it was tough! For me at least. And the crowd was sort of tough. Reminded me of some New England crowds; even if they like the music they don't show it much. I can hear myself very loud, everyone else I can barely hear. I felt like I was out of tune last night because I just couldn't hear what was going on. I just started taking ibprofen last night, so the pain is a little better. Mom was talking about having to call a doctor and get a prescription for antibiotics. I have taken antibiotics for when my teeth absess too many times, so I'm trying to avoid it. Last night I ate a whole clove of garlic and this morning I had another one. BLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I thought onions were a little strong. I don't understand people who just munch on raw garlic. Sooo...I'm starting to get a little tired and am really looking forward to getting home, except that my ear is really bothered by the cold, and I know it's freezing at home. We had ice cream and cake - well, the rest of them did - but I couldn't because Mom said it's going to aggravate my ear, and I'm pretty sure it would. Wah. Can't complain a whole lot though, it's been a while since I've been sick like this, and I have plenty of painkillers, and antibiotics available if I need them. I feel terrible for Christians in third-world countries who have infections with no access to painkillers or antibiotics. It's certainly a reminder to pray!

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