Monday, October 17, 2005

Ok, sorry for the abbreviated post. Two uncaptioned pictures are not very informative. Today we are at an amazing camp. This guy came up to us at the church we sang at Sunday night and said he was coming home with us (he already knew we were arranged to go to his camp, which I didn't know anything about). So we ended up here. It really is very amazing. They have tigers (two!), bears (three!), monkeys, ostriches, ring-tailed lemurs, waterloos, buffalo, a rhino, pigs, horses, cows, chickens, peacocks, zebras, and I'm sure I'm missing animals in that list. This guy, his children, and grandchildren run the place. It's a Christian camp in Detriot (pronounced DEE-troyt, not de-TROYT), TX. Soo...he gave us a tour, we power washed one of his buildings inside his barn/arena, and then went swimming/sliding (huge water slide on the grounds).

Now...Sunday morning some guy came up and tapped my shoulder, introduced himself as Dave, and said he read my blog. Very cool. Seems he's the webmaster of this site. Very nicely done site, from what I saw. Check out the WAY cool photo on the front page :D Thank you Dave :)

Ok, and third, the link I put up to the Dortignac's website was wrong. The link on their name right there is a very nice site, even though it hasn't been updated in a little while. This is their journal, which is current. Both sites are great, please check them both out :)

And here is the Naylor's site. Now if you like volleyball, the Naylor's house is the place to be. If you like music, the Naylor's house is the place to be. If you like being made to feel very comfortable, even though you really are a major klutz, the Naylor's house is the house to be. If you just like nice people, you could go there too.

Now in a very roundabout way, we met all of these families online. My brother met a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew the Naylors, who knew the Dortignacs, and then God put us all together. Amazing, isn't it!? I am majorly thinking that it would be so fun to get together again.

Oh PRAISE GOD! I had writeed out this whole big post and I thought it was deleted, but blogger had saved it. Yipeee! I'm going to stop talking now before I lose it again :D

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