Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today we're are leaving Missouri :(

We have so much fun with our new friends, the Mullets. We have stayed the past few days at their house, they've got horses, cows, chickens, dogs, 25 cats, guineas, and coatimundi (Bongo)! And mice :) We fed 3 or 4 mice from the grain bins to Bongo, who immediately crunched them. He looks like a giant rat, about 3-4 feet long, including his tail. Despite biting and being a brat, he looks kind of cute. heheh.

And a few days ago I turned 18; this was the BEST 18th birthday I've ever had :D Actually, it was one of the most fun birthdays I can remember. It has just been so nice to be here, it's like nothing I've ever done before.

Besides letting me ride one of their horses (I'm terrible, I have no balance, and I practically bounced off of the horse :p we went four-wheeling. Last night we had a bonfire and we talked about the mountain lions that they've seen around that are just a little smaller than one of their smaller horses. One of the girls thought she heard something behind her and she screamed. Lol. Vincent was saying "look out in the dark and you can imagine things coming out of the woods." We were a ways from the house, but after roasting a few more marshmallows and getting really quiet again, one of us came up behind her and grabbed her and that really got us going. I scared my sister by doing the same thing and we all jumped on the four-wheelers and high tailed it out of there.

So we sat up in the hayloft for a while. Anyhow...I guess we're going out on the fourwheelers one more time before we leave, so I'm outta here :)

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