Saturday, November 12, 2005

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Sometimes when I sit to blog, I can't think of just one thing to talk about. While I was at work today I did a lot of thinking. That's the great thing about being employed in the housecleaning industry; I can think all I want about whatever I want. I generally work alone, and it's pretty quiet a lot of the time. I thought a bit about how blessed I am to have the employers that I do. I just can't express in words how I feel about the way God has been blessing my family. My thoughts usually run in circles about this; first off, I feel unworthy of what God has done for me. I live in America; I have 10 fingers; I have both of my legs, two arms, and the average use of each capability; all of my five senses are intact; I am free from the many, many deadly or greatly painful diseases; I have a family that's not split up; I'm not being tortured; I am not in prison; the list goes on. Not only do I have all of these things, but God has given me the capability to realize and appreciate them. You and I, as a humans, created in the image of God, have more capability to honor God than anything I can think of. I think in disgust of the many times I have thought a moment to wait for something was a moment to complain about. No moment, unhindered by pain, is a moment to complain about. I suppose I might be learning an elementary principle, but I am so amazed at what a little patience will do. Instead of waiting for things in your life to happen, go and do something for God. People talk about waiting to know the Lord's will; yes, God does have a plan for your life, but if you are finding yourself unsure what to do, don't just wait. Do what God has already commanded us in the meantime. He has commanded us to love. If you use a little common sense, you could figure out what I'm talking about. There are a lot of hurting people out there, physically and spiritually. Go and help someone. If you wait for God to say "Jimmy, go next door and help the old lady fix her car," you might wait a while. If you're standing on a street corner and wait for God to tell you which people to hand out tracts to, you might be spending your time unwisely. It's important to listen to God, but He has already spoken a great deal in His word. Listen!

Ok...so I forgot about whatever else I was going to blog about. Oh...I remember. Ok, so once I've realized how much I've been blessed, I feel compelled to pray and thank God. But as I pray, I wonder how meaningful just saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" is. And I think there must be a tangible way to show how I feel, and I'm reminded of the verse, "If you love me, you'll obey my commands," and I feel doubly compelled to obey God and want to please Him. And the more I obey, the more I realize the blessings! The more I observe this in my own life, the more amazed I am at it. And I keep coming up with thoughts and observations that I can't explain to anyone but God. It might never make it make sense to another human in my words, but God understands, and that gives me such a peace.

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