Friday, November 18, 2005

This afternoon I came home from work to an almost empty house for the first time I can ever remember. It was quiet, the lights were mostly out, I could hear the TV playing in my grandfather's room. The other day I called home from work and I could hear my brothers and sisters in the background, and I MISSED them! (This might be a mawkish post, but I just feel like it!) I remembered the times I called home, got my oldest brother on the phone and wondered Who IS that? Last night Vincent DROVE us home from the Mass RMV! I thought he did a great job, considering it was pouring rain, and dark as night (basically, it was night, heh) out there.

Ok...done with the sentimental part. I was thinking a few days ago; how interesting a person would I be if all I did was post about going online? Or how interesting would a movie be about someone who just watched TV all day? If I have no life, the internet is really just a total waste. I've noticed sometimes that I see people online who post at forums constantly, they have a few thousand posts (in a short period of time) and seem to be online all of the time. How interesting is that??

I'm wondering how long it would take to get in 1000 hours of practice on guitar? Could I do 5 or 6 hours if I had a free day?

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