Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This morning I had a very nice cup and a half of coffee at Marshall's Towing, in Mantua, NJ. If anyone breaks down there, call Mr. Marshall :) It was very enjoyable, and it was great to see all of the Marshalls and Marshall relatives again.

I also had a donut. I abstained from eating anything till lunch (rather accidentally) and then dined on an apple. I sort of forgot to eat and when we got home from our trip at 5:00pm or so, I was so lightheaded! I also felt slightly nauseated. Ahh...what a good cup of coffee does improperly combined with poor diet. It WASN'T the coffee's fault, I'm sure. Perhaps the donut.

I was reading outloud as we drove through New Jersey from a book called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, by Phillip Yancy and Dr. Paul Brand. What shocked me was that at intervals during my reading, a few of my siblings would say "Shh, Bonnie's reading!" It was, of course, a nice surprise to find out that they were actually listening, and beyond wonders, wished me to continue. Though, it wasn't the quality of my voice; the book compells you to listen on its own. Just listen to a passage.

"Underneath the skin in the palm of the hand lie globules of fat with the look and consistency of tapoica pudding. Fat globules, so soft as to almost be fluid, cannot hold their own shape, and so they are surrounded by interwoven fibrils of collagen, like balloons caught in a supporting rope net...[W]here stress occurs, such as on the palm of the hand, fat is tightly gathered and enveloped by fibrous tissue in a design resembling fine Belgian lace.
"I grasp a hammer in my hand. Each cluster of fat cells changes its shape in response to the pressure. It yields but cannot be pushed aside because of the collagen surrounding it...constantly shifting and quivering...Engineers nearly shout when they analyze this amazing property, for they cannot design a material that so perfectly balances elasticity with viscocity."

I could go on. It's just so interesting. Now everytime I think about the way our bodies work, I am just SO amazed!

I got lots of practice on guitar in on the bus as we drove home. I'm so happy to be able to practice and have 10 working fingers (technically eight fingers and two thumbs).

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