Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This morning I woke up early for the purpose of getting in some practice time on guitar. You may very well ask, “If you are supposed to be practicing, what are you doing online?”. I two things out this morning; I have a cold, and five hours of practice does make your muscles sore. Yesterday at our concert I had a few pains shoot down my arm, so I took it easy at the concert, but in the evening I practiced some more. Now this morning I just move my hand to the playing position and I can feel sore muscles. I’d really hate to get some sort of weird repetitive motion disorder, so very sadly, I can’t practice at least this morning. WAH. Now if you haven’t noticed, blogging is like my personal therapy session. I don’t blog about these things for sympathy, I just have to say them to get them out of me. By listening to me rant, you have SAVED my family from continual ranting, all day long.

This is more like a complaint than an observation though; I have a cold! Yuck yuck yuck. (And if you’re REALLY observant, you’ll notice that I don’t really like colds). They are sort of going through the family though, so I guess it was inevitable. I could chomp some garlic, the smell should be gone by tomorrow when we go to our neighbor’s. But you know, garlic betrayed me. I had go on antibiotics anyhow for that ear infection. All that nasty smelling stuff and it didn’t do much. Ah well. I suppose it might do good anyhow, at keeping me away from the dreaded ills.

And...Happy Holiday-Set-Apart-For-Thanksgiving-But-Please-Give-Thanks-Always!

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