Monday, November 07, 2005

Today I have a post that I typed up for a response to a post at a forum. The original poster put up a fake email about the response in an emergency of North Dakotans compared to those in New Orleans. I didn't see anything in his post that looked racist, but a in few posts down came a scathing repost about how racist he (the original poster) was. I see no reason for this. Let's stop being racist; a book I read a while back about the United States had some statistics on Hawaii. The minority was listed as being natives (non-whites), but statistically speaking, natives are the majority. I believe the state rated high in minority jobs and whatnot, but being true to the facts of the statistics, they should have listed the job quality of whites, being the true minority. What hogwash. Might I propose that the liberals who are demanding racial equality are the true racists. Mind you, I'm sure serious racial discrimination occurs, but I believe that the left has blown it up and made it more of a problem. And...the post:

By making such a big deal out of race, we're making it an issue. When I walk down the street and see someone white, I don't want to think, oh, she's black, I'd better not say anything that might make her think I'm offending her. I can't help it sometimes because it's what's been drilled into me by society. I don't want to think of anyone as higher or lower than me simply because of the color of their skin. Yet it's hard for me not to be concerned about offending black people when I see them, and I don't like that. That's not being fair to them.

Whites aren't the only ones who can be prejudiced. We're all human. That's the point. We're equal as humans. Don't excuse any person for doing evil, whether white or black or anything, and don't saint someone for doing good because of their race - whether they be white or not. I saw a movie on the Hallmark channel the other day that had some rather odd comments about someone being white and it just sunk into me more that it can indeed go both ways.

Bah...I don't really know how to say exactly what I'm trying to say. Discrimination because of skin color is ridiculous; let's think of those who do so in an appropriate manner to their behavior, and let the rest of us who are higher than them get on with our lives.

Sorry for the rant. I just had to get that off my chest.

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