Monday, December 26, 2005

A few days ago, I was informed that a friend of mine, Wid Lyman (the husband of Izzy Lyman) had memorized entire books of scripture. I decided to email him with questions, and with his permission publish them here for you to read. My questions are in bold, his answers follow.

What has been your motivation, and why do you think it is so important to memorize scripture?

Rom 12:2 ... Paul admonishes us to renew our minds in order to be able to know God's will. Because I want to do God's will, I must know it first. My mind is renewed as I learn God's Word, which reveals His character. In college, I began to memorize verses. Then, in order to understand the verses' context, I memorized passages. Then I began to memorize books to gain a better understanding of the passages. The more of God's Word I have memorized, the more often I can know (immediately!) what God's perspective is in particular situations and about particular subjects, as I come across them in everyday life.

When did you start memorizing?

I began memorizing books shortly after I got married, about 24 years ago.

Did you ever feel like giving up?

NEVER!! ... although I have taken breaks in order to review, which is very important.

Have you found any one method to work in particular?

I do one or two verses per week, studying them as I go. I use Greek dictionaries, commentaries, and a couple translations in order to gain a thorough understanding of each verse. As I'm memorizing the verses slowly, I read the forthcoming chapters many, many times, so that when I get there I am familiar with the words and ideas. I put the verses on 3x5 cards and take them wherever I go. Then I put the whole book on spiral 3x5 cards when I'm done the book. Then, when I know the book well, I put it on my master 3x5 notebook, using only the first letter of every word, just for a reminder. Did I mention REVIEW?

What's your next memorization project?

I'll be beginning Galatians in January, and I hope to do Ephesians in '07, Philippians in '08, and Colossians in '09 ... with God's help. All the while, I'll be REVIEWING!

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