Sunday, December 04, 2005

I haven't blogged in a little while. A few days = a while? Am I obsessed? Do I spend way too much time online?

I think it comes down to the fact that I'm not getting enough other things done. I recently read an article by Jamie Andreas (never heard of him before, but anyhow) at cyberfret.com and something he said jumped out at me. He mentioned while he was in school he had to fill out a form to apply for music credits or something, and to get credit you had to practice at least 5 hours a week. He got up and asked, "Don't you mean over 5 hours a day?" He wasn't understanding that you could consider yourself a 'serious musician' with under 5 hours a day in.

I don't suppose I'm going to get to 5 hours a day anytime soon, but I seriously need to clean up my schedule. I spend far too much time doing nothing. I'm not for obsessing over music, or anything else, but I think I could do a lot more in less time if I just spent my time more efficiently. Right now I have three particular goals pertaining to music and academics; learn Spanish to the point where I can speak it. I can write some, I can read more (and that's not even very much), I can understand a small amount, but I cannot speak it. I've spent too many years learning it half heartedly. I really want to be able to teach my kids a language without them having to spend the time studying I am going to have to. If I'm not mistaken, if I were to marry someone fluent in the same languages I speak (including English!) and spoke them for a certain percent of the time in the house, our kids would learn both languages. Perhaps I am mistaken, but this is my perception. And who knows what God has in store for me, perhaps I will mary an uno-lingual husband, as I currently am right now :D

The second is to become more proficient in guitar. I am far from being a good backup player, and my lead has a lot of holes in it too! I just don't have what it takes to even consider myself a guitarist. Yes, I play a little, but just not enough.

The third is to not only keep up my trumpet playing, but to improve. This is probably going to prove the hardest (although the Spanish thing is a bit far fetched too) because I won't be able to just pick it up and put it down, it's going to have to be consistent. Now that you've been run through my very boring list of goals, which who knows if I'll keep, I'll give you my thoughts.

I was perusing the list of blogs nominated to be voted for in the Spunky Homeschooling Blogger Awards 2005, and I wondered if this blog would better serve if it was specialized. Hm, a blog for homeschooled/public school/right wing/musician/teenage/twenty age and up/ranting/disgusted/happy/Christian/liberals who want some info people of this community. Yes. I say, specialized!

And I'm not sure what the deal on this is, but I think you can nominate me for the contest before it starts, which would be located here: Award Nominations. I think you are supposed to leave a comment with my blog under whatever category you think fits (I think!).

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