Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last night something happened with one of my siblings. I won't give any particulars because it would almost immediately reveal who it is. The point is, I felt terrible, and at the end of the concert I showed my annoyance to this person by being awfully stinking. I felt even worse after that, and I wondered what would happen if I just left it at that. I could imagine a rift years later, and remembering "it all started that night". So I apologized, and the person was gracious enough to apologize back. After that, I felt worlds better! So when in doubt...apologize!
(Last night was a concert at an area restaurant. It was a really nice looking restaurant, although I have no idea how the food is. Seems we've been doing restaurant gigs a lot lately.)

This morning I have two links:

Another recording I did at my computer. You can hear the dished clinking together in the sink if you listen carefully I think, someone was washing them while I was in the kitchen singing. When I Survey the Cross. The instrumentation is bass, guitar 1+2, and three vocal tracks.

And we were in the newspaper for the concert we're doing tonight.

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