Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seven things I hope to do before I die:

1. Serve God, and be willing to do his will - always (the rest of the things on this list are just things I think might be great. If God doesn't have them in store for me, I'll just pray for grace to be content anyhow).

2. Meet someone to love for the rest of my life and marry him.

3. Have children. I have a feeling I often take this for granted, that it's my decision to have children (or not), but I'm starting to realize that only God has this right. If I weren't able to have children for whatever reason, I'd be dreadfully sad, but I pray that God's will would happen, and I'd have the perfect number of children :) The more the better!

4. Learn how to play guitar

5. Witness as many souls turning to Christ as possible

6. Maybe make it to 48 states with our music? This isn't really that important to me; I would have a lot more fun in 5 states with close friends God has put in my path than going to all 50 and missing out on whatever God would rather have me do.

7. I'm having a hard time coming up with another thing that is really desperately important to me before I die.

Seven things I cannot do well:

1. Show that I'm gracious when people say nice things to me.

2. Play bassoon. (This is the instrument we always mention when people ask "Is there any instrument you guys don't play??). In case you were wondering, learning to play this instrument is very low on my priority list.

3. Ride a horse. I fall off fairly consistently - Sarah, a friend in MO can attest to this fact.

4. Do math.

5. Tell jokes - my brothers always give me The Look when I start in with one.

6. Ride a giraffe. (seriously! I'm speaking of the unicycles that are about 5 feet high, which two of my brothers are really good at)

7. Come up with the 7th thing that I do poorly?! There are so many things I can't do, I'm having a hard time narrowing it down.

Seven things that would attract me to my future husband:

1. Being a strong, genuine Christian.

2. Being approved by my dad. If he's too chicken to go through him, sorry, he's already out.

3. Being loving, compassionate - yes, wiping his little nephew's nose would make me more attracted to him - being honest and having integrity.

4. Smart - If he can outsmart me, that'd attract me! Of course, that probably isn't that hard to do.

5. Knowing how to figure out what really makes me tick - what I like and what makes me feel happy. There's nothing like someone saying "I thought you'd like this," and it being true.

6. Being a musician. I can't imagine not marrying a musician. There would be a huge empty spot in our relationship. How could we even begin to understand each other? God has made music a big part of my life, I know he'll get the right guy with just the right qualifications.

7. Being humble. I guess that goes along with #3.

Seven things I say often:

1. Yeah
2. Hmmm
3. Like (I'm ashamed to admit that one!)
4. Arg. (only online I say that, I'm not even sure what kind of noise that would make. In my head it sounds kind of like an annoyed growl. Probably close to Ugh or Argh.)
5. Hey
6. Look
7. Wait a minute!

Seven authors, books or series I like: (eta: changed 'love' to 'like'. I try never to say I love objects, refraining from doing so makes the words "I love you" a lot more meaningful to a person.

1. The Bible - once you start memorizing, things REALLY pop out at you. I suppose this one I really could love, I do love God's word.

2. Stonewycke Trilogy - Michael Phillips + Judith Pella

3. Frank Peretti - Don't know if I really like his works a whole ton over others, but I have read a bit of it and have a few novels by him on my bookshelf.

4. Beverly Lewis - except I haven't bothered to get the rest of her latest series from the library because it's just getting plain boring.

5. Books on English or languages.

6. Mario Pei.

7. Anything good, clean, and interesting??

Seven movies I watch over and over again:

1. I'm going to use this first option to say I don't really watch many movies. The handful of movies I used to watch a lot I'm no longer interested in watching because I don't care for them anymore. The rest of the movies are not necessarily my favorites, but Carol and I watch some of the same movies together over and over again, usually while working on an embroidery/croqueting/whatever project.

2. Singing in the Wain. er... Rain.

3. The African Queen

4. The Unsinkable Molly Brown - don't know if I can take that one again anytime soon.

5. White Christmas - ack..hopefully not for a while. We've definitely over watched it.

6. Abbot and Costello movies. Some of my brothers watch these over and over and over again in the bus, and I hear different parts, over and over again.

7. Live in Nashville - Hurst, Stafford & Sutton. This isn't a movie, but it is a DVD and I do watch it over and over again so I guess it qualifies.

Seven people I want to do this:

2. Lacey
3. Anyone who reads my blog! Consider yourself officially invited :)
4. Mandy
5. Sarah
6. Prairie Sunrise
7. If you see this and want to do it, just volunteer! I am yet again drawing a blank. I got "tagged" by two people on my list of links to do this, so I can't choose them again. lol.

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