Monday, February 27, 2006

Almost home!

Anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter must have noticed that the last one was sent really late. I couldn't get the connection I was using to work with that email account so I gave up after a while and sent it with mine. My apologies.

Yesterday we ate breakfast with the Matsons (see Lacey at sidebar) and left for a concert (no pictures yet, I'm on dialup and I can't get my laptop online, I'm borrowing someone else's to type this up). The church fed us, then we headed to a concert in the afternoon. We got there, set up, sang, packed up, and left. Then we headed to one more church in the evening. Set up, did a concert, packed up, and headed up to VA. On the way out, I realized we were going to hit a walmart and there were some things I needed to get, so I sat up front and practiced a little guitar (till Mom told me to stop,as it was around 11pm) and then waited to get to walmart. Dad and I went shopping, and upon finishing getting everything we needed we were informed all of the registers were shut down for a 'switch over' that occurs every 24 hours. So we waited there till they opened up and left. Walmart is nearly empty at midnight, and it's sooo...ahh..sleepyish *yawn* So anyhow, you can guess how we're all feeling today. *yawn*

It was all so much fun though.

I'm starting to get beind in my recollection, as soon as I let days go by without writing anything down, it all melds together in one pleasant memory :)

I kind of dislike reading the kind of thing that follows at other people's blogs (especially if I don't know them at all, and are just browsing blogs. The following list is fairly useless to a visitor.), therefore if it were a matter of principle I shouldn't do it. But I'm just thinking of some things off the top of my head that I really enjoyed, and I feel like listing random things (ugh, I don't like the new fad of randomness either, but I'll take a deep breath and bear it anyhow.) And this is definitely not a complete list! If I didn't mention what we did with you on the trip, don't worry about it. Just realize I'm in a very fuzzy state of mind and I'm sort of tired.

I really enjoyed... (in no particular order)
Going to Philadelphia with some real historians and visiting the National Constitution Center with them. Meeting up with 14 blonds. Eating Mr. F's breakfast, learning how to correctly break and scramble eggs AND make sticky buns. Jamming with the best musicians I know south of Houston ;) Eating dry ice. Running in TX and AK (even though the dogs chased me in AK). Running with "that dog", whatever its name was, in TX.
Making sticky buns for the same. Being taught how to play spoons, straws, and cups, and playing those with various families - especially playing cups with chicken soup cans. Eating gumbo from an authentic Louisianian. Playing for a very enthusiastic crowd in NC after a tiring day. Eating Mrs. B's biscuits and homemade jam. Watching Andy Griffith and the Beverly Hillbillies.
Listening to over 200 men sing a hymn at a rehabilitation center in Houston. Seeing the Houston skyline after that concert. Doing remodelling at the H's.

I know I'm forgetting so many other unforgettable things, my mind is just muddled right now. I can't even remember where our third concert was.

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