Saturday, February 04, 2006

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I've been doing a lot of thinking (I always need to be careful when that occurs) and I've come to the conclusion that since all good comes from God, every pain must be from a lack of God, or a separation, which of course would be the result of sin - breaking the law. Sometimes we come to a state in our lives where we forget to be thankful the blessings God has given us. We forget all of the good things we have, but even more than that we forget that ever fiber of our being has come into existence by God. Without God, being completely and utterly separated from Him, would be just terrible. It would be the most painful thing. The only way I can think to explain it is to draw a parallel to the way the temperature works. We measure our temps here in the US with a measure called Fahrenheit (generally) which has a 0 in it. But there really is no such thing in temperature as 0 heat. Every state of temperature involves a certain level of heat, just as darkness only exists because there is a lack of light. We consider "cold" what feels cold to our senses, what makes us uncomfortable. Sin is a lack of God's Law; Cold is a lack of heat; pain and suffering is a lack of God in our lives. This is sort of just my speculation - what my brain does sometimes when I’m sitting in my bunk watching the scenery go by. I read a book about the Holocaust a few weeks before we left and I picked up a second one and read portions just days before we left, and I was struck by how bad things can get. Pain is not a direct indicator or God in our lives - it is a result of original sin. I’m not implying at all that the more sinful you are the more pain you experience in this life, or the more righteous you experience less pain (and who is righteous except by the forgiveness of Christ?). My point, however, is that there is a huge gap between my life at this moment and some of the holocaust victims. Yet there is not total darkness even in what they experienced on this earth - they were not eternally separated from God. If what the holocaust victim experienced is a 2 on the scale of living, and with the conditions I am living in now, I am experiencing a 15, then I have so much to be thankful for. If I am homeless, am feeling hungry, I might be at a 10. This is all sounding very trivial to bring it down to mere numbers, but I hope I’m able to be getting a point across through it. Now just as a 0 on the Fahrenheit scale is NOT absolute zero, what we consider to be absolute misery, even physically, on this earth is not completely void of God’s grace. Hell must be absolute zero, the epitome of suffering. We have sinned terribly against God, and we all deserve that zero. To be cut off from God, cut off from all hope, and to burn in hell. But we have so much more! God has given us salvation through his son - in that alone we have enough rejoicing for eternity, that God loves us that much. If you haven’t already considered that, look at the 10 commandments and see if you’ll be guilty or not on the day of judgment - will you rise to life, or rise to be condemned to hell? If you die in your sins without repenting and putting your trust in Jesus for your salvation the Bible says you’re headed to hell.

If you are born again and realized this great love God has had for us, then you should just take a minute and think! Every once and nanogram of goodness has come from God.

And I forgot, here's a pic of Mr. Holcomb and I!!! YAY!!!!!!!! (Carol blogged it too)

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