Friday, March 10, 2006

A few things have happened this week.

I started a new practicing kick. Every once in a while I decide I really need to buckle down and practice; it usually last for a while and then I get busy with other things. Hopefully it will last this time :D I don't know about the rest of youse all but I - whoops, that was just a little New Jersian there - but I like making charts of so many squares and then having a goal of finishing all of the 'blocks' of practice before a certain date. I'm surprised at how my time online has gone down as my practice time goes up.

Someone stopped by the house to update us on a friend that is sick and in the hospital and she mentioned that her sons listened to our CD and when they got to track 2 they said "Oh wow, the MacDonalds got a good boy singer." Then of course, they looked at the insert to find out who this 'boy singer' is that the MacDonalds have acquired. *roll eyes* It's not the first time it's happened either! I take some comfort in the fact that at least they did think the boy singer was 'good'. In case some of you haven't downloaded our CD, you can find the whole track listing here and track 2 here.
It is in fact not a boy singer but the second oldest girl in our family, a little younger than my older sister and a little older than my oldest brother. (did I just use some circumlocution!!!?) Well hey, being a good boy singer is better than not being able to sing at all :)

Speaking of boy singers and girl singers, you should check out the post at this site under March 7, 2006. Kind of ironic, no?

Speaking of YouTube, this guy is pretty amazing. It appears that he needs a haircut (and someone who does a google on this or something and comes to my site and says I'm ridiculous for saying that because people should be able to do whatever they want - I will let him have any haircut he wants, I won't even ask him to cut it. I will however, inform my readers that it is my opinion that hair on men is supposed to be short.). He is playing Bach in this clip, Mapple Leaf Rag [sic] is neat too.

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