Thursday, April 27, 2006

I had an interesting experience today that I've had the opportunity to do once or twice before. It produced an "Ugh, gross" reaction even from my brothers who I was supervising, so I thought I ought to make a separate page to post the pictures in rather than blog them here. So here is the link to the project I did this afternoon, a cow eye dissection. If have the nerve to get through the first picture (haha, a small pun there that you will understand if you click on the link) you MUST look at the pictures of the tapetum (pronounced tah PEE um). It's beautiful! Seriously! MAJOR CORRECTION HERE! THE PICTURES IN THE LINK (AND FORMERLY HERE) ARE NOT LABELLED CORRECTLY! THE BRIGHT SHINY STUFF IS CALLED THE TAPETUM. ALSO, WATCH A COW EYE DISSECTION HERE.

I left something like 48 seeds/seedlings (some hadn't come up yet) on my desk while we went away to Philadelphia for a week. I was thinking they might dry out so I watered them a ton and put plastic wrap over them. I didn't leave the fluorescent light on. When I came back the plants had almost all come up and grown 3-4 inches, the second leaves hadn't come in yet, and there was mold on some of the dirt! UGH! They are extremely leggy and now that I put them outside in the sun they're all dried up. It was hard to feel bad for them, they were SOO leggy and terrible looking already. I looked through my seeds, ready to put in all new ones, and I'm out of zinnia, which is mostly what I had planted :p

Someone informed me that water boiled in a microwave will not sprout seedlings. How to test that theory? I'm planning to water a few bachelor button seeds with only microwaved water. This is a type of flower I've never had trouble sprouting in the past so if the portion I water with the zapped water doesn't sprout I'll have to look more into what exactly the microwave does to the water and how that effects seed sprouting.

I tested another hypothesis this afternoon; I had made peanut butter bars using a recipe I had never used before. I wondered if eating one piece of the bar would lead to eating another piece. The hypothesis tested true! Now another wonder I have is if this hypothesis proving true will lead to the scale reading several points higher?

This is a loong post. Yikes. I may be terribly boring my readers. I will make it short and hopefully sweet :D I got a book out from the library called The Family Cow. It's about raising 1-2 cows at a time. It's very interesting, even though at the moment I have no intention of raising a cow. I'm sure we have a million by-laws against it here and we don't have enough property/time.

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