Sunday, April 09, 2006

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(it involves tracts, and the post has multiple pictures).

I've been thinking about running, guitar, the whole bit. How do you improve, and why do you get bored and slack off on practice? When I started running, doing a mile was so exciting! It was so fun, I couldn't wait to get out there the next time and see if maybe I could go a little farther. So through the weeks I added miles, got up to 10 miles a week, and I was so excited to be out there every week logging miles. The morning I ran 5.25 I was feeling like I was really doing something. Then we all got sick, and I wasn't able to run for a week. Soo...I got back into it, walked a few days, then started running again. So here I am, running a boring 2-3 miles at a time. I'm just maintaining. Now herein lies the problem; I can't just abandon everything else in my life so I can run more, longer, or better. I want to improve, and I will, but it will be slow. There aren't as many "Wow, I did that for the first time" things happening. It's getting boring. I'm hoping to be able to train to run 10 miles at a time, but after that, I'll probably run less and just maintain. So what to do? It's either maintain with more time/effort, and be excited when progress comes, or keep up what I'm doing and get some self discipline. Is it hard to to keep motivated when good things are happening and you're making progress? Noooo! You don't have to be very disciplined to do that. As long as things happen and you are inspired by the results, it's easy. It's when you stop making progress that self discipline is called for. Then you have to bite the bullet, buckle down, and ride out the period of lacking improvement. If you keep with it, you can make progress slowly and be rewarded in the end. Otherwise you get bored and quit.

Basically I think the same thing is true on guitar. You have to push hard to improve when bordom kicks in. Otherwise you'll be discouraged enough to quit, or only practice enough to maintain, which is a bad thing; no progress equals bordom, which eventually equals quitting.

Anyone have thoughts?

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