Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Check out this funny cartoon.

Too bad you can't really buy it :(

I have nothing else of huge interest to report, really. I'm sick (as in took a cold), I'm starting to recover from the last long run I did (as in, I'm not feeling like I could just fall over asleep all of the time) and I'm eating more fruits and vegetables. YAY. Whoopdedoo. I'm in such a boring mood.

I've been doing some Rosetta Stone Spanish. I did all but one unit over a year ago (there are eight units altogether) and I'm starting again at the beginning. I've retained some of it, I'm hoping to keep up an accelerated pace (at least until I get to the unit I didn't do) and then maybe get the second program that goes with it, or maybe I'll be able to email/call up enough Spanish speaking friends that I will somehow, in the most unlikely of situations, gain fluency. Lord willing!

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