Monday, May 01, 2006

I looked at my running log the other day and decided to total the mileage. From the third week in January to now, it adds up to 100.88 (today's run brings it up to about 104). I didn't make it as far as I had planned; I usually end up running on flat, but when I add hills it makes the whole thing tiring and I can't go as far in the end.

I must must must get back to timing my guitar practice. I tend to time it for a while, get a lot in, then I stop timing and get the same amount in, but as time goes on I just end up getting a few minutes in here and there, and I'm down to that now.

Also, band comes up in a few weeks (I think!) and I have hardly touched my trumpet. Part of it is because my own trumpet and the other trumpet I really like is in the shop still and I'm just getting sick of playing on a cornet and the student horn we have. I know, bad excuse :p I'm not complaining though, just stating why exactly I've neglected the thing.

I put up a few recordings at sound click (under music, on the right) that I may or may not have linked to from here in the past. There are a few tracks from our CD, some flatpicking, and even some multitracked singing I recorded (scary!!!!!). Note; the ads at soundclick tend to be rather trashy. I really need to upload all of the files to my own space and just forget about soundclick, but in the meantime it's not costing me anything and it's kind of convenient. Whew, I'm just full of poor excuses today!

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