Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ok so the spring is getting Bonnie a little kooky. Today I went on a run and it was just BEE YU TEE FUL! The sun was great, after all of this rain we've got. In case you're wondering, we don't have any major flooding in town. Thank God! But that's not the kooky part.

So here's for the kooky part:

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WHAT!? You said I'm a pirate!???

And no, I don't normally wear than much eyeliner! And yes, my face is a mess *roll eyes* Thanks to the crummy results of taking a lot of Biotin, which is a hair supplement with (unknown at the time to me) rather disgusting side effects on faces.

Ok, so now that I've shocked all of my conservative readers...(eeek!) What I'm wearing on my head I actually sewed myself :D It's a tube like thing of stretchy polyester that can be tied/twisted in various ways to make hats/headcoverings/what have you. They sell them for $18.50, I made mine for $.25. Now how is that? :D Now mine does have a seam, and it's a lot thicker than the one they sell, but I don't want to go out and spend that much on a hat. I have found several other ways to tie/wear it (as I found at the website, and another site I visit) and if I get shots of them I'll have to post a gallery and a pattern for the tube thing. (A buff.)

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